Kürtőskalács MOBILE TRAILER or FOOD TRUCK Vendor.

Information for the MOBILE vendor.

Selling from a purpose built catering 


By Louise Samuel of: www.kurtos-kalacs.com

If you have discovered Kurtoskalacs / Chimney cake and are thinking of making, baking and selling these unique and delicious Hungarian treats, then you might consider becoming a mobile Chimney cake vendor.

A mobile vendor will be able to take the mobile Chimney cake set up to different events, festivals and markets and will be able to prepare and bake the product on-site so that the customer can see the full Kurtoskalacs preparation, as well as see the baking process live ... and of course your potential customers will be drawn towards your mobile setup by smell.. The aroma of fresh bread and vanilla..

Generally there are three main ways our vendors 'go mobile' and sell Kurtos.

1) Selling Kurtoskalacs from a Tent or Gazebo.
To read more about this option click here

2) Selling Chimney cake from a mobile trailer.
A mobile trailer is something that can be pulled by a car, van or truck.
Some customers buy these from brand new and stipulate what they will out or have built inside where as others will pick them up second hand and alter the inside to fit their working situation. Some vendors will use purpose built food trailers or concession trailers where as some will convert a caravan into a food trailer.

When thinking about size, do some research into the cost of a pitch at the events you want to sell at as usually the size of the pitch determines the price. 
You will also need to determine the maximum weight you can pull with your vehicle, so again research the torque, which is the pulling power of the vehicle you wish to use.

Chimney cake trailer
A simple white catering trailer can be covered to give it more character.
This customer uses our GAS 8 piece oven for baking.

3) Selling Kurtoskalacs from a food truck.
In the past, food trucks were renowned for selling cheap fast food that you had to be desperate to buy anything from.. But times have changed and now food trucks are being used to create gourmet high end food inside and big 'food truck' meets are being  organised all over the world pulling in big crowds of hungry customers looking to taste something different.

Vendors are customising all kinds of food trucks, from old ambulances, to removal trucks to classic old vans such as the Citroen HY.

Most vendors will buy a second hand truck and either do the conversion themselves or get a specialist company in to help them.

Our food truck vendors in Poland, Slovenia & USA .
All these food trucks were built originally for a different use
but were converted into food trucks.
All these vendors are using our GAS 8 oven.
 Pro's and cons of the mobile seller options.

The Tent:
The great thing about a tent is that compared to a catering trailer or truck is the price. Tents are easy to come by and are inexpensive and so for vendors who wish to test the market selling chimney cake, its a good option. Also, some events such as markets wont allow food trailers or trucks or there is a limit to how many they will allow which usually means a waiting list as places are already taken.
The downside of the tent is that it has to be erected at every event and then taken down at the end which can be time unassuming. You also need a vehicle big enough to transport all the equipment around in. 
I had some customers selling at a three day horse meeting. Every day they had to carry their tent and equipment to their pitch from their van and set it up which was a big task as their car was quite a distance from where they were selling from. If they would have had a truck or trailer, they could have left everything inside, locked it up and left it over night, but a tent is not secure and so they had to take everything back to their van each night.

Kurtoskalacs selling point
A tent is ideal for a market as food trucks are often not allowed
 in or spaces are limited. The 8 piece Kurtoskalacs Gas grill
 is perfect to use in this situation so that vendors
can see (and smell) the baking process.

The Trailer:
The advantage of the catering trailer or concession trailer is that you can equip it fully with everything you need and also store ingredients inside.
In most countries, a food inspector will come and inspect the trailer to make sure that you are preparing food in a safe way and that the equipment and utensils you are using meet food preparation regulations. Further inspections might need to be carried out regarding electricity and has and certificates might need to be obtained. Your local council / local government should be able to tell you what is required. The only downside of having a food trailer is that you will need a big enough car to tow it with. Obviously this should be researched before the food trailer is purchased. In some countries you might also have to do a practical driving test to ensure that you have the skills to tow something behind your vehicle.

Catering trailer
Our Baumstriezel vendor in Germany transformed a regular white food trailer
by applying stickers to the outside to make it look more like a
traditional wooden house. This customer uses our ELECTRIC 8 ECO
oven for baking.
Inside a catering trailer. Designed and fitted by our vendor in Norway. 
The Food Truck.
The points raised in the pro's and cons relating to 'The Trailer' are virtually the same as what would be relevant to having a food truck expect for the fact that you don't need a vehicle to tow it with. 
The disadvantage of a food truck is because its a vehicle, you will have to make sure that it is fully tested every year as well (in some countries) taxed.
You will also need to find a suitable parking place to keep the truck when not in use and in some countries, your neighbors might object to it being parked on their street.

Our customer in Brazil has converted a motor home
into a great Kurtoskalacs food truck. They use our GAS 8 piece oven
inside the food truck for baking.

In Australia, our customer converted a holiday caravan into a food truck.
They use our Gas 8 oven for baking.
This is a beautiful example of a Citroen HY van.

Fittings inside the catering trailer / food truck.
If you are buying a catering trailer or food truck from new, in most cases you will be able to specify what you would like installing inside.
If you are buying second hand, a lot of the food trucks come already equipped however you might have to remove some of the items if you will only make Kurtoskalacs.

Its advisable to install electrical appliances with the least amount of volts or amps so that you do not need a large generator to power your mobile kitchen.
This is why we always recommended our GAS oven or GAS grill to vendors who will start a mobile business.
At some events you might be able to get an electricity supply to your food truck or trailer where as at others you will have to provide your own by way of a generator.
To generalise you may need electricity to power:

  • Inside and outside lights (both important if you will do events which are during the late evening or night.
  • The dough mixing / kneading machine. Most vendors will make dough inside their food truck and so will carry on board their kneading machine. These machines require electricity and they should be placed in a secure place as not to fall over during transportation as they are very heavy.
  • Kurtoskalacs oven or Grill. Both our Gas 8 piece oven and Gas 8 piece grill uses electricity to turn the motors inside the oven which turns the cooking rolls around when baking. 
  • Food warmer. Some customers will have a food warmer inside their catering trailer or food truck so that they can put freshly baked kurtos inside to keep warm.
  • Coffee machine. You might like to offer your customers a good cup of take-way coffee to accompany their tasty kurtoskalacs.
  • Cash register. Most cash registers require electricity though some do run off batteries. 
  • Hot water system. You should be able to produce hot water inside your mobile kitchen so that you can keep areas clean, hands clean and also utensils. 
Self contained hot water system.
A pump powered by electricity takes the water from the clean water tank up to the
hot water boiler. From the hot water boiler, clean hot water will come from
the tap when the tap is turned on.
Dirty water will leave from the sink into the dirty water canister.

To support your electrical requirements you will need to make sure that the wiring installed inside the trailer is ample to support the appliances you want to power.

Most trailers or food trucks will have an electrical hook up point on the outside. With this you can either connect to the mains electricity supply or connect to a petrol or diesel generator to provide power to your mobile unit.

Inside the catering trailer or food truck you should have a fuse board installed which will have circuit breakers to to protect the electrical installation. Then from the fuse board, electrical cable will run to the electrical points around the unit. If you buy a new catering trailer or food truck you can usually specify where you want the sockets to go, so make a plan to show where your main electrical appliances will be situated. The biggest appliance to find a place for (and to have a socket close by) will be the dough kneading / mixing machine.
A yearly electrical test (periodic inspection & certification) is mandatory to be carried out in some countries therefore make sure your electrical installation has been carried out by a qualified electrician who has certified it.

The Generator.
Some festivals, markets or events may offer you an electrical supply to your catering trailer of food truck however at others you might been to supply your own by way of a generator.
If you are allowed to use a generator then usually it has to be a quiet or silent model.
The best ones I have seen on the market are made by Honda but they are quite expensive. I also found a brand called 'Kipor' which I am told is a Japanese copy of the 'Honda'  which is cheaper in price.
Many of the web sites which sell generators have a wattage calculator so that you can calculate the size of generator you will need based on the appliances you wish to power.

Alternative power.
The great thing about our GAS oven and our GAS Grill is that the electricity consumption to power the 8 individual motors and the two fans (the motor box) in either appliance is only 75W
Therefore you only need a small generator to get this kind of power.
However if you don't want to have the generator on all the time, you can run the Gas oven or Gas grill through an inverter which drops the voltage from the normal voltage (either 230v or 110v) to just 12 volts.
Dropping the voltage to 12 volts allows the motor box to be powered by a re-chargeable battery. 

Use an inverter to drop the voltage to 12v so that you can use a re-chargeable battery for power.
Our Gas oven or Gas grill kurtoskalacs appliance really is the best solution for a mobile vendor. 
Both models use bottled Propane or Butane gas (LPG) which is readily available in most countries. The gas oven and gas grill comes fitted with a 30mbar German standard regulator. We supply adapters for appliances which go to the UK, USA & Australia which goes between the regulator and the gas bottle to allow secure fitment.
The size of gas bottle (or gas tank or gas cylinder) should not exceed 15kg.
Its important to store the gas bottles while in use or during transportation in the correct manner according to local laws. Gas bottles should be stored in a compartment which is accessible from the outside of the catering trailer or food truck. 

Gas bottles (or tanks / cylinders) should not exceed 15kg
when being used with our Kurtoskalacs Gas 8 oven or Gas 8 grill.

Layout of the food truck / catering trailer.
Space for workers:
When planning the layout of your catering trailer or food truck you should allow for ample space for workers. It is possible for one person to make, bake and sell Kurtoskalacs however if you intend to sell at busier events, markets or festivals more workers such as 3 or 4 might be required to maximise output. Therefore when you are looking at trailers or food trucks you should take this into consideration and allow space for workers to move around without getting in each others way.

Space for rolling:
A minimum work surface area of 120cm is required to roll out dough into a strip before it is then wrapped around the cooking roll.
You can see a short video of rolling the dough here so that you can understand the process.

Work areas.
Its important to install suitable work areas inside your Food truck or Catering trailer. 
A work surface for 'rolling' the dough should be at a comfortable height as not to cause damage to you or your workers back. A height of around 90cm which is similar to that of a standard kitchen worktop is a good height to aim for with a minimum length of 120cm. 

Rolling out the dough on a laminate work surface.
When you choose a work surface material for dough preparation, laminate is a good material as its food safe, washable and unlike stainless steel doesn't get too hot or too cold in different weather conditions. Stainless steel can be cold if you are working outside in cold conditions and a cold work spare will cause the dough to shrink back when rolling. 

Dough storage.
When dough is made, it needs to be left to rise in a warm area for one hour. During this time the dough should double in size.
Its important to have a place which is warm and clean to store the dough during this process. We suggest food safe plastic boxes which are food safe, which have a lid and which are stack-able.
After one hour of rising, the batch of dough is split into Kurtos size portions which are small pieces of dough (sausage shape) which are then placed in the food safe plastic box and layered by using baking paper between each layer to prevent them sticking and to allow the individual 'sausages' to rise before you take a piece and roll it into a strip.

Dough rises best at 25-28oc. In warm summer months there are usually no problems, but during the winter it was be very cold inside the food truck / catering trailer. Some vendors do have a heating system inside inside their mobile kitchen where as others rely on the heat from the oven to warm the area up. 


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