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Information for the STATIC vendor.

Selling from a permanent location.

By Louise Samuel of: www.kurtos-kalacs.com

If you have discovered Kurtoskalacs / Chimney cake and are thinking of making, baking and selling these unique and delicious Hungarian treats, then you might consider becoming a Static Chimney Cake Vendor.

A static Kurtoskalacs vendor, makes and sell Kurtos from a permanent location such as from a store, a coffee shop or a kiosk inside a shopping mall.
As Chimney cake is still a pretty unknown product, I suggest that most of the preparation and baking is done in front of the customer. Visual production should be considered when you are designing the layout of your store or Chimney cake kiosk.

When considering a location for your first store, think 'foot traffic'.
Do your research by evaluating where busy areas are and at what times during the day the area is at its most populated and by what kind of person.

I often get asked which age group is more attracted to Kurtosh or more likely to make a purhcase, but I have no definitive answer because as a mobile Kurtoskalacs vendor myself, I have sold these delightful treats to customers of all ages, from small children to people in their twilight years.
The thing is, from my experience, once they have tasted a warm Kurtos, they often come back time after time for more.. honestly, Kurtoskalacs are addictive!

Malaysian Kurtoskalacs
Our customers in Malaysia use our Kurtos cutter
to make TWO pieces on one cooking roll.

I want to sell you a story about a customer of ours who were the first to introduce Chimney cakes to the people of Serbia.

Three Serbian entrepreneurs came to visit our Kurtos Academy in October 2012.
They purhcased two of our Electric 8 ECO oven business packages and took them back to Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

The plan was to set up a kiosk outside a busy Serbian shopping centre. 
After a week of trading, we were called to say that the business was not going the way they first thought it would do.
They were having a cold winter in Serbia and so shoppers were parking their cars in the underground car park below the shops and going by elevator directly to the shopping mall. Meaning no-one was going to the outside car park and no-one saw the temporary Kurtos kiosk which had been set up by my customers.

As a budding entrepreneur myself,  I get upset to see others fail. In fact I see our customers as a part of our business. Their success is our success but I also feel their failure too. 

But then we got another phone call from Belgrade. Our customer informed us that there was going to be a temporary Christmas market in the city centre of Belgrade and that they had secured a place inside a wooden house at this market.

After two days of trading, we got another phone call "We have a problem" so here I am, 600km's away and wanting to help.. "What is the problem?" I said very quietly.. (thinking that again they cannot sell the product or even worse that there is something wrong with the equipment? 

"We have over a hundred people stood outside of the wooden house and we cannot make enough Chimney cakes"

WOW what a turn around. The Christmas market was extremely popular despite the cold weather and people came to visit from all over Serbia. At this time, Chimney cake was completely unheard of in Serbia and because of this, the local media were very interested in the product and how it was prepared and baked. They took some video footage and interviewed one of the business partners who had come up with the idea, which was then broadcast on the TV. This short TV piece brought  crowds of interested people in from all over Serbia.

Take a look at the promotional video which allowed this small company to take Serbia by storm. TV Clip of Chimney Cake Serbia

After the huge success of the temporary Christmas market wooden stand, Chimney Cake Serbia were able to launch the product in several locations in Belgrade & beyond. More images can be seen here: Chimney cake Serbia

Kurtoskalacs Serbia
Chimney cake Serbia using TWO of our ELECTRIC ECO 12 piece ovens.

Balkens Chimney cake
Chimney cake Serbia. Serving Chimney cakes & Chimney shakes.

One famous Kurtoskalacs coffee shop in Budapest has a nice marketing approach. The store is situated in a busy pedestrian area of Budapest the capital of Hungary which is frequented by many tourists. To lure customers to their cafe, they actually do some of the dough preparation in the window of the store so that passing people take an interest in the visual aspect which usually draws them inside the store to buy.

Kurtoskalacs in Hungary
The famous Molnar's Kurtoskalacs cafe situated in the pedestrianised tourist area of Budapest.
Famous Hungarian Kurtoskalacs
A Chimney cake baker rolling the dough onto the cooking roll
inside the Kurtoskalacs cafe of Molnar's in view of the
public passing by on the street.

I am often asked this question:
"Can I make Kurtoskalacs and supply to other coffee shops, stores or supermarkets?"

My answer is that despite the fact that Kurtoskalacs is a very old traditional product which has been around for hundreds to years, it is still fairly unknown as a commerical food product.
Unlike donuts, waffles or pop corn, Chimney cakes are still pretty undiscovered.
If you put a Chimney cake onto a shelf, it would struggle to sell along side all the other well known products unless there was a lot of information about the product close by.

A few years ago I had a customer in Bulgaria who were given the opportunity to supply a well-known super market with freshly prepared, pre-packed Kurtoskalacs.
Unfortunately for my customer, the business model didn't pan out as they first thought mainly due to the reason I mentioned above in that no-one bought the Chimney cake off the shelf as the potential customer didn't know what the product was.

But in December 2014, I sold my equipment to a Hungarian couple who live in Canada. They had the opertunity to sell Kurtoskalacs in a temporary location inside a shopping mall and called the business "Bake N roll".

Bake N roll Chimney cakes
Bayshore shopping centre, Ottawa, Ontario.

Bake N roll were not allowed to produce the product inside the shopping centre. The Kurtoskalacs had to be produced 'off site' but due to their fantastic temporary kiosk and great selling stills, they pulled it off. In fact the owner, Andras Feher send me an email in March 2015 to tell me that they had sold 8000 cakes in just two months! With the knowledge and skills gained from this two month experience, owner Andras is now planning his next move, which will be a permanent Kurtos cafe in Canada. I am looking forward to his update soon.

The steps to creating a successful Kurtoskalacs business.

1) The location.
Location, location, location.. Do your research.. seek out areas which are busy most of the year round, or a location which is seasonal but which can support you through the quieter periods. Seasonal could be tourist locations or locations close to universities.

Consider and research the costs of:

  • Establishing your own Kurtos cafe in the high-street.
Chimney cake London
The stunning Chimney Cake Bakers in London - Using our 230v Electric 8 ECO ovens with stainless steel cooking rolls.

  • Or a store inside a shopping centre.
Hungarian cakes Kuala Lumpur
Kurtos SPIROLL in Malaysia -
Using our 230v Electric 8 ECO ovens with non conical wooden cooking rolls & using our Kurtoskalacs EASY mix recipe.

  • Selling inside an existing cafe or coffee shop.
Chimney cake Coffee shop
Baking inside the existing Altitude Coffee Lab in Scottsdale, Arizona - Using our 110v Electric 8 ECO oven
with stainless steel cooking rolls.

  •  Selling from a kiosk inside a shopping centre.

Bulgaria Chimney cake

  • A permanent location in the street but inside a lockable kiosk.

Makara Istanbul
MAKARA in Turkey, selling from a premanent kiosk located
outside a shopping complex.
Using our 230v Electric 8 ECO ovens with wooden cooking rolls.
    • Permanent Chimney cake kiosk at a shopping village / designer outlet.
    Chimney cake factory using our Electric 8 ECO oven (110v) with stainless steel cooking rolls.

I usually suggest to customers that they purhcase one of our Electric ovens for permanent locations. However some permanent locations might not have an adequate electric supply so our Gas appliances might be a better solution if there is ample ventilation.

Gas Chimney cake grill
Gas 8 Kurtoskalacs Grill being used inside a permanent kiosk
in the park

Before some vendors open their permanent location, they will involve a design company to create concept drawings of what the cafe or kiosk could look like.
The design of the concept is important as it is this design which will first attract the customer to the store or kiosk. For those customers who are looking to establish a franchise, the design is crucial as its this design which will be replicated in many different locations but should be easily recognised.

Kurtoskalacs cafe
Concept drawing of a Kurtos cafe - USA

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