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Information for the mobile vendor.

Selling from a tent.

By Louise Samuel of: www.kurtos-kalacs.com

If you have discovered Kurtoskalacs / Chimney cake and are thinking of making, baking and selling these unique and delicious Hungarian treats, then you might consider becoming a mobile Chimney cake vendor.

A mobile vendor will be able to take the mobile Chimney cake set up to different events, festivals and markets and will be able to prepare and bake the product on-site so that the customer can see the full Kurtoskalacs preparation, as well as see the baking process live ... and of course your potential customers will be drawn towards your mobile setup by smell.. The aroma of fresh bread and vanilla..

The Tent.
From between 100 and 700 USD you can purhcase a tent or gazebo structure which can be transported in the back of a van or an estate car and which can be erected on site at the market or event which you are attending.

Tents can vary in quality. Some tents are meant to be used occasionally, usually in a garden where as others are more heavy duty are are designed to be erected and taken down on a regular basis and are built from better quality materials. Some companies can offer a free custom 'sign' design too.

A market / gazebo example for sale 
on ebay.

Selling Kurtoskalacs  Chimney cake at a market
A market / gazebo tent mobile set up in UK
Kürtőskalács házikó Chimney Cakehouse
Chimney cake vendor
A bright and attractive market style tent 
which can be open at three sides allowing a more 
visual experience.
Available from: http://www.mastertent.com/
Kurtoskalacs mobile unit
A rustic design which suits the 
Kurtoskalacs / Chimney cake product. 
Also open at 3 sides so that the customer 
can seethe production and baking.
Available from: http://www.mastertent.com/

So, apart from the tent, what other equipment 

what do you need to become a  mobile Kurtoskalacs / Chimney cake vendor?

1) The Kurtoskalacs / Chimney cake oven or Kurtoskalacs Grill.
We manufacture & sell Electric ovens (4, 8 or 12 piece)  & a Gas oven or Gas grill. www.kurtos-kalacs.com

The best baking solution for a mobile Kurtoskalacs / Chimney cake vendor is the Gas Chimney cake oven or the Gas Chimney cake grill.
Both oven and grill use bottled LPG gas (Propane or Butane). However, both oven and grill still need electricity which powers the eight individual motors which  turns the cooking rolls around inside the oven or on top of the grill as well as the fans which are installed to cool the motors during production.

You can choose to plug into the mains, plug into a petrol or diesel generator, or you can purhcase an INVERTER and connect to this which will drop the voltage of the oven or grill down to 12 volts so that you can connect and power your appliance with a re-chargeable battery.
An Electric Kurtoskalacs oven does not offer such versatility as it needs to to be plugged into the mains to get the full voltage for optimum power. 

If you want to compare the traditional Kurtoskalacs oven with the Kurtoskalacs grill, check here: Oven V's Grill

Chimney cake grill
Learn more about Kurtoskalacs ovens.

2) The Kurtoskalacs / Chimney cake cooking rolls.
To accompany your Kurtoskalacs oven or grill you will need to purhcase cooking rolls.
Cooking rolls are the tool in which you wrap the dough around and then insert onto the oven or onto the grill to bake (cook the dough).

We manufacture traditional beech wooden cooking rolls or stainless steel cooking rolls in various sizes. 
To learn more about the two types of material we use, check here: Steel Vs Wood

The business package we sell includes 16 standard cooking rolls. Some customers like to mix and match and include some wood, some steel and some of different sizes.
Its important to know that having more than 16 cooking rolls is good business practice so that you are not waiting for them. For example, 8 could be in use (baking) 8 being prepared (dough being wrapped around the cooking roll and put on a rack to rise). If the employee who is preparing the dough on the cooking rolls can work faster than  the grill or oven, he/she will need more cooking rolls so that he/she is not waiting for rolls to finish on the grill or oven.

Cooking rolls for Chimney cakes
Learn more about cooking rolls Click to learn more

3) The Kurtoskalacs / Chimney cake racks (for rising the dough).
When the strip of dough has been wrapped around a cooking roll, it needs to be placed on a specially designed rack so that the dough can rise on the cooking roll before baking.
As a tent does not have stable walls, the best solution for storing cooking rolls is a surface rack which is available as a single (for 5 cooking rolls) a double (for 10 cooking rolls) and a triple (for 15 cooking rolls.

Kurtoskalacs roll racks
Learn more about: Kurtos racks

4) Dough mixing machine.
You should purhcase a commerical dough mixing or dough kneading machine and not a household version if you will be making and selling Kurtoskalacs on a regular basis.
Chimney cake dough is very strong and a household mixer will not last very long (the motor will burn out quickly).
We suggest a 15 to 20 liter machine so that you can mix a batch of dough to make 40 - 60 individual pieces in one batch / mix.

Chimney cake recipe
Dough kneading machine (Planetary version) Dough hook which is required for kneading
Dough kneading machine with fixed bowl.

5) Dough Storage.
Some vendors will make the dough on-site at the event inside their tent, where as others will make the dough in a food certified kitchen and take dough to the event inside a thermobox.
The advantage of a thermobox is that you can put dough inside as well as ice blocks so that when the lid is on, the inside of the thermobox keeps very cold. If the dough is kept cold it will rise slower and will keep longer. So dough made and taken to an event in the morning can last throughout the day if its kept cold enough. Dough for use should be taken out of the box and left to rise in warm conditions before use. 

In warm / hot conditions, dough can over-rise and become sticky. Oven risen dough can also start to smell as its fermenting (a bit like beer!). Over risen dough is difficult to roll as it looses its elasticity. For vendors working in cold conditions (say at Christmas markets in Europe) the thermobox is useful as you can warm it up (either with a special heat pad or just by inserting a plastic bottle with hot water inside) and once the lid is closed the heat stays inside the box which then rises the dough. Thermoboxes are usually made of polystyrene material. 

Dough management
Examples of Thermoboxes which can be used to keep the dough cold (to slow the rising) or warm (to encourage rising)

6) Hand-wash facilities.
If you are preparing a food product from scratch on site, health inspectors usually insist that there is some kind of hand wash facility available and hot water to clean food preparation areas and utensils.
Some vendors might have an agreement with a neighbour who has such facilities or local premises close to where the vendor is selling.  However some vendors have mobile or portable hand wash / washing systems inside their tent. These systems generally run on 12v battery's or can be powered by mains electricity or generators.
As these systems are portable, they can be transported in a van or large car with the other equipment required for the Kurtoskalacs mobile setup.

Examples of portable hand-wash / wasting systems that can heat water so that its hot for good hygiene and cleaning. I found these systems for sale on ebay.

7) Work areas.
Its important to erect suitable work areas inside your tent. A fold-able table can be used to place the toppings on and can be purhcased cheaply and these are easy to transport. 

A work surface for 'rolling' the dough should be at a comfortable height as not to cause damage to your or your workers back. A height of around 90cm which is similar to that of a standard kitchen worktop is a good height to aim for. When you choose a work surface material for dough preparation, laminate is a good material as its food safe, washable and unlike stainless steel doesn't get too hot or too cold in different weather conditions. Stainless steel can be cold if you are working outside in cold conditions and a cold work spare will cause the dough to shrink back when rolling. However if you have the space in vehicle which you will transport your stall equipment around in, you can get a stainless steel preparation table which is the correct height, quite cheaply off web sites such as ebay. The only disadvantage is that these units are not collapsible and will take up space in your vehicle. 

A recommended minimum length of work surface for rolling the dough is 120cm, however if you can insert a piece of work surface across the entire length of the back of the tent , then you will have extra space to put the roll surface rack on, which is where you will place the cooking rolls for rising the dough on the cooking roll.

Chimney cake work areas
 Fold-able tables which are available on ebay. 
Purpose made stainless steel food preparation units.  
Make your own work surface using kitchen worktop laminate 
which is available at most DIY stores. 

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