četrtek, 19. januar 2012

My Little Space: Kurtos Kalacs @ Chimney Cake

If you have discovered Kurtoskalacs / Chimney cake and are thinking of making, baking and selling these unique and delicious Hungarian treats, then you might consider establishing your own business and becoming a vendor.

To assist our existing customers and potential customers I have written some short blogs (links below) accompanied by photographs which will hopefully give you more of an insight into this type of business.

Chimney Cake Academy

We offer training at our KURTOS ACADEMY which is located in Slovenia.
The training course is FREE to all customers who purchase our equipment.

So what kind of business will you establish?
A 'static' vendor is someone who will establish a business in a permanent location. For example, inside a shopping mall, a cafe or coffee shop.

Chimney cake cafe
You can read more here

You might consider becoming a MOBILE vendor and taking advantage of large crowds of people, by going to different festivals and events.

Two MOBILE vendor ideas are:

1) Selling from a pop up tent:

Trdelnik Gazebo
You can read more here

2) Selling from a Food truck or catering trailer:

Chimney cake catering trailer
You can read more here

We are a manufacturer of Chimney cake ovensKurtoskalacs EASY mix and Chimney cake accessories.

I hope that you find our short blogs (links above) informative. 
Simply email me for more information.